Course Image The Bill of Rights Act 1990 | Te Ture Pire o ngā Tika 1990

The Bill of Rights Act 1990 | Te Ture Pire o ngā Tika 1990

New Zealand has made a commitment to comply with international human rights standards and has strengthened this commitment by developing mechanisms that set out human rights standards in law. Understandthe Bill of Rights Act 1990, the second of the three human rights pillars in New Zealand. 

New Zealand was one of the founding members of the United Nations. Led by Prime Minister Peter Fraser, we also played a key role in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Bill of Rights Act in 1990 sets out many rights and freedoms that apply to people, companies and organisations. It places a limit on the actions of those in Government and other bodies performing a public function so as those rights are protected. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Demonstrate a beginning knowledge of the Bill of Rights Act  
  • Understand the importance of the Bill of Rights Act 
  • Can apply Bill of Rights Act concepts in your own life   


Time: 60 mins
Sound and Video: BOTH
Completion: Finish all exercises and review all content. Limited attempts. Feedback is provided.
Recommended prior learning:  The Treaty of Waitangi 1840 
Recommended post learning:  The Human Rights Act 1993.